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"Oh no…what’s wrong, daddyshark? -hugs- I hate seeing you like this…where’s your big jolly smile?" 

(13. crying)



   He actually is impressed with how much hair she has—he briefly remembers how short it used to be, which makes him smile wide. So he covers his face again—he actually remembered something, imagine that.

   But he does smile at her, unobscured, when she puts her hair up.

Looks gorgeous, love.

   Another blush spreads over his face

.. Ya really like it?

.. Didn’t know if it was stupid or somethin’. I washed the rope lotsa times, too—I didn’t wanna give ya somethin’ dirty or nothing. 

Thanks again—for—

  He motions to his face

Helping. Dunno how bad I’d still look without ya.

Her hair did come a long way and she’s glad she doesn’t straighten it, it had more body and volume leaving it natural. Ah it made her happy to know he saw her as ‘gorgeous’. She giddily bounced on her heels, the bun also in motion. 

"Are you kidding? I can do a lot of things with this hair tie. And it’s good my hair’s gotten so long, I can do literally anything with it. And I like ropes, they remind me of sailing and learning how to tie all kinds of knots when I was younger." And while she didn’t feel as strong a connection with the feathers, she still thought they were a cute addition. 

"Shoosh shoosh. I had to do something when you came to me, I couldn’t leave you like that all in pain and bruised." She tapped his lips with her finger like shut up she’ll do this again if she had to. She pulled back her hand only to wrap both arms around his waist to give him a good squeeze.



   He shakes his head

Nah, it doesn’t hurt, unless ya punch it, I guess.

   He shrugs, then frowns in confusion

Tea? Ain’t that water with leaves in it?

   Eating meat and drinking plants? Something sounded absurd about it.

.. Nevamind. It ain’t anything great, since I ain’t one for craftin’, but

   He pulls a small bit of  thin rope from a pocket inside of his shawl. It has feathers weaved into it.

Nabbed some braviary the otha day, thought it had nice feathers.

Like I said, though. Nothin’ special.. Just in case yer hair ever got in the way or somethin’..

Her tails wiggled and waggled behind her as she listened to him. 

”!!! I love rope.” She didn’t see it as a piece of rope, she saw it as a neat nautical accessory which would go cutely with any of her outfits. She took the little feathery piece of rope and bowed so all her hair would drape forward so she could gather a massive bun and secure it by tying the rope around the base. She was careful about the feathers. She stood straight again to look at him. “How do I look?” She had a giant bun in her hair with feathers sticking out around the base and she felt gorgeous.



   As soon as she appears, he feels happier. He reaches to feel his face, acting as if he means to check if it hurts, when he really makes to cover an immediate small smile.

'S doin' fine—I think. It look okay? 

   In a brief moment, he’s afraid that instead of getting better, he’s just deadened his nerve endings. But he shakes his head, rubs at his beard, frowning a bit.

Nevamind, just—came to say thank ya.

I meant to ask ya.. how do ya manage all that hair?

   He reaches over, runs his hand through a part of it

Merry brought home some rope the otha day

   Rolls his shoulders in a shrug, pressing a hand back to his face as he blushes

Thought I’d make ya somethin’ to help tie it back. As a thank ya. If ya didn’t mind.

"I think you look perfect, sugar." Handsam no matter what. "Does it hurt or? Do you need more ice or some hot tea to soothe your muscles?" Hot tea for Ken might be lukewarm tea tho. 

She listened to his inquiries about her hair, at first tilting her head confused as to why he’d bring it up out of nowhere but oh ! What a sweetie. Her smile increased ten fold and her eyes closed when he reached over to give her some pets and she nearly missed the second part of what he was saying because if someone she trusts and loves touches her hair even a little bit she melts. 

"Mm?" She hummed, opening her eyes. "What’d you do then?" Her hands found his tummy, rubbing circles into the cloth covering them abs. 

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[He bounces a bit on the tree branch, then, after a moment, taps on the window. And lets himself in as usual. Due to his healing face, he doesn't take as much care as before, and lands on the side of his head as he climbs in before wiggling around haphazardly to sit up right]

Okay now she heard the tapping beforehand and knew who it was. She hastily put on a bra under her tank top, since who chills around the house with one on ever, and jogged out to meet him in her living room. 

"Ken!" She cartwheeled over to him and wrapped her arms around his waist in a brief hug. "How are you! How’s that handsome face healing up?" She could see it was doing a lot better than it previously was but she was happy to see he hadn’t gotten into much more devastating accidents while he was off doing his own thing. 

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Delray: heeyy gurl. Long time no see 8) gotcha somethin'~

whOAAA *attaches herself to his arm* It’s been a while, delrad. What’s up! 

*rubs her face on his arm* What happened? What’d you do?





I just made the most inhuman noise


oh my god

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lmAO i call this one samurott champloo

im dying delrays like i shaved my eyebrow for this?

bailey loves nothing more than to shove her best otter friends into cosplay

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   Since he had little idea how to work a shower, it took him a little longer than a normal man would’ve liked to admit. Especially since he enjoyed how nice the hot water felt on his sore muscles versus cold pond water.

   When he got out, he did a usual shake from head to toe, but it got water everywhere, and he suddenly felt horrible. He swallowed a lump in his throat and slid out the bathroom, a puff of steam emerging with him. 

   He regarded the clothes thoughtfully, and it made him feel better as he pulled them on. His tail wagged, but then he remember the mess, and opened her closed door shyly, peeking around. She wasn’t there; he felt panic, where had she gone? But finding the kitchen, he lets go of a large breath he hadn’t consciously held, and skulks up to her, swallowing back down the painful lump in his throat.

W—Water, in the bathroom. 

Got it everywhere— ‘S an accident, sorry..

   He looks to the ground, instinctively rubs his face, biting his tongue when he curses his own stupidity as dull pain returns.

Mmhnnn, sorry. Sorry. Did I mess anything up?

   He looks back at her. Nothing was wrong, he had just touched his bruised cheek too hard.

Did he forget she was a water type, that happened to her pretty often so she was used to her bathroom getting soaked. As long as it got towel dried soon after so mold wouldn’t grow. “Oh hey don’t worry about it.” She smiled and pat his chest. “You didn’t mess anything up.” Bailey went to get the ice pack again and held it up to him. “Press this on your eye?” She had an idea for his nose to heal straight. Who knows if it would work bu she was itching to try— more like itching to get it over with since she didn’t want it to heal crooked. So she got two popsicles and  held them up to him. “Can you finish these for me? And sit with me in here.” She scurried off to grab a chair for him to sit with her in her pretty spacious kitchen. “I’m going to try things.” She went off to grab her first aid kit with some skin-adhesive tape.

"How well can you breathe?" Could he breathe out of his nose at all? She wondered if it was bad enough she had to take that nose to a doctor. She brushed his hair back so it’d be out of his face and held it there with a bobby pin. She saw the wound on his forehead first and put some neosporin on that, covering it with a gauze right after and taped it down with the skin-sticky tape. He better be finishing those popsicles, she needed them.

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